I am currently a Research Scientist at Adobe Research London.

I graduated with a Ph.D. from Inria Sophia Antipolis under the supervision of Dr George Drettakis in the GraphDeco Team, where I also did a short Postdoc. Before that, I obtained a joint degree in computer science at Telecom Paris (Institut Polytechnique de Paris) and in applied mathematics for vision and machine learning (MVA) at ENS Paris-Saclay (2016). My research orbits around computer graphics, vision, and machine learning. I am interested in multiview image editing and rendering as well as in neural rendering.



I am regularly looking for Ph.D. students or motivated Msc students to host in Adobe Research London for summer internships. If you are interested in interning at Adobe with me, you can directly send me an email describing your research interests, potential topics you would like to work on, and your CV. I am currently looking for interns for the 2023 summer!

So far, I was lucky enough to work with David Griffiths, Henrique Weber, Viraj Shah, Prafull Sharma, Ruben Wiersma, Selena Ling, Georgios Kopanas, and Sara Rojas Martinez.

If you need to get in touch:


I participated in the development of the SIBR framework.

The System for Image-Based Rendering or SIBR, is a specialized collection of libraries and toolkits for quickly implementing Image-Based Rendering (IBR) algorithms, and includes implementations of several published IBR papers, mainly from Inria and UCL, but also (re-implementations) of projects from other research groups.


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Julien Philip, Sébastien Morgenthaler, Michaël Gharbi, George Drettakis
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Julien Philip
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Julien Philip, George Drettakis